The Beginning

Welcome to my new blog! *Cue Cinderella’s trumpeters and a whole lotta glitter being thrown haphazardly into the wind*

“Wait, I thought you already had a blog?” – My Therapist (after I told her I made this)

During the last couple years, I’ve been lucky enough to dabble a bit in the blogging sphere. I’ve written a handful of articles for The HuffPost,, The Odyssey Online (where I first start writing on the interwebs!), and I’ve even guest authored posts on other sites. But I also wanted a place on the web that was completely and utterly my own.

Even though you (totes) probably know who I am, as my Mother undoubtedly shared this with you via her FaceBook page, let me give you a little background on who I am. My name is Christopher (nice to meet you), I’m 22 and currently have a full-time job at a professional theatre in Virginia. I graduated last May (I know I’m a baby!) with my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre and was lucky enough to snag a wonderful job and meet the love of my life, all at once (crazy right?).

How’re ya likin’ it so far? Comfortable?

I titled this blog ‘A Silver Lining’, as that is one of my favorite talents: being able to find the positivity in every situation. I hope to populate this blog with my experiences, ideas and hope they entertain you!

There will be several posts on this page that I have published on other platforms, for the reason that some of my favorite or most important pieces (such as my coming out article, published via HuffPost) should live on this domain as well.

I plan to write about lots of subjects, featuring LGBTQ themes, books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, personal experiences etc. Feel free to shoot me an email, comment on this post, or even send me a good ol’ tweet, etc on things you’d like me to talk about!


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